Railton MTB Loops

Looking for longer Railton MTB Loops?

Wild Mersey has adventure-style loops consisting of a combination of trails and suit riders of every skill level. – No matter if you are a beginner who has just started riding, a family group with mum, dad, and the kids, or an advanced level rider who wants to push the limits – these loops are for you!

The loops consist of easy trails for beginners, then intermediate and advanced for a longer more challenging ride.

Loop 1 - Up Then Down (Approx. 5km)

Loop 1 - Up Then Down

(Approx. 5km)


Made up of 2 trails in the Railton Trail Network. Starting from the trail head at the main car park.

Loop 2 - Redline (Approx. 12.1km)

Loop 2 - Redline

(Approx. 12.1km)


Loop 3 - Squiggly (Approx. 15.8km)

Loop 3 - Squiggly

(Approx. 15.8km)


Loop 4 - Round The Outside (Approx. 17.5km)

Loop 4 - Round The Outside

(Approx. 17.5km)

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