Mountain Biking Tasmania

Mountain Biking Tasmania

Are you looking to shred new trails, or have a weekend getaway? Well, mountain biking in Tasmania is like no other. With many great mountain biking locations such as Blue Derby, St Helens MTB trails, Maydena Bike Park, and George Town MTB trails. The Wild Mersey should be on the top of your next Mountain Biking location to visit in Tasmania. With its diverse range of trails through different terrains and sceneries, you are bound to lose track of time while navigating through the network.

The Wild Mersey offers an unforgettable experience with trails winding through stunning forests, over rocky terrain, and past scenic waterfalls. These 3 interconnected trail networks over two regions are a must on your next mountain biking adventure in Tasmania.

Explore the Latrobe Region

Learn more about the Railton & Sheffield Regions

The network is surrounded by historic, vibrant towns and iconic natural attractions including Cradle Mountain and Narawntapu National Park. Sheffield is known for the Town of Murals and Railton the Town of Topiary provides you with a perfect opportunity to remember your visit by taking photos to look back on. If you are still wanting more, then the regional tasting trail dishes up locally crafted beer, wine, spirits, chocolate, cheese, berries, and more.


Not sure what to do while off your bike? There are many walking trails around the Wild Mersey. Take the family for a hike to see the scenery that the area has to offer, the view is breathtaking.

Kimberley’s lookout trailhead is just one of the many walking trails. It is next to the Sheffield Trailhead, so once you finish your journey you can jump straight into the next.


During your time at the Wild Mersey there are markets that operate at various times. This is a great way to meet some of the locals and experience all the hospitality that is on offer.


Thinking to wind down after a few days of riding the trails? There are many Tasmanian beverages to provide you with an excellent opportunity to put your feet up and celebrate the good times with friends or family. Whether it is vineyards or distilleries, there are plenty of options for all types of adventurers.


There are many delicious food options available close to the Wild Mersey, with a wide variety of options you are sure to find something you’ll like. Whether you want to dine in or just take away, there are many options for yourself or the family to enjoy.


We all know Tasmania has its own unique animals, thats no exception for the Wild Mersey. A short drive up to Cradle Mountain allows you to meet and feed Tasmanian Devils for a once in a lifetime experience.

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Narawntapu National Park offers wide open plains that are abundant in wildlife creating a wonderful location to meet some of Tasmania’s friendliest locals. It is a great place to get to know the local marsupials and you’ll likely spot Forester kangaroos, Bennetts​ wallabies and pademelons​ grazing or resting on the open grassland near the visitor centre at Springlawn.

Narawntapu’s landscapes are diverse, including coastal heathlands and grasslands, wetlands and dry sclerophyll woodlands. This variety in turn attracts many bird species, including honeyeaters, green rosellas, black cockatoos, raptors, robins, wrens and fantails.

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With your trip to the Wild Mersey you would want somewhere to stay. There are accommodation options in Latrobe, Railton and Sheffield, allowing you to stay close to the trails. If they are all booked out, then there is accommodation in the surrounding areas that only require a short drive in to the Wild Mersey.

Spreyton Cider

The award winning Spreyton Cider is produced locally and one of our proud sponsors of the Wild Mersey. Made from 100% Tasmanian apples and pears, there is nothing more refreshing than Spreyton’s Cider after a day on the trails.

Getting Here

Before you can start your journey in the Wild Mersey, you need to know how you can get here. There are two options to make it to Tasmania, which is The Spirit of Tasmania leaving Geelong and through a plane to one of our Airports.

The Spirit of Tasmania

For those adventures bringing your the family car or your bike down, The Spirit of Tasmania is the perfect choice to make. Leaving Geelong and arriving in Devonport, this short sail allows you to bring all the necessary gear to explore the Wild Mersey.

What’s even better is that you can ride straight off the boat into our trails, starting journey in the Wild Mersey.

Spirit of Tasmania website


For those who can’t wait as long for the fun to start, there are a few options of arriving at the Wild Mersey from Airports around Tasmania. The closest is the Devonport Airport just outside of latrobe and it only takes a 16 minute drive. Otherwise both Launceston and Hobart have terminals that can be used, with Launceston being the closest out of the two with a 74 minute drive.

Devonport Airport
Launceston Airport
Hobart Airport

Bike Renting

If you aren’t bringing your bike or forgot it at home, don’t stress there are bike renting options around the Wild Mersey. Most allow you to rent these bikes for up to 2 weeks, leaving plenty of time to make the most out of your adventure.

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