Sheffield MTB Trail Network

Sheffield MTB Trail Network

Famous for its murals and being a gateway to Cradle Mountain, Sheffield now boasts 30kms of diverse terrain types to suit all types of riders. For flow and airtime Super Hornet has froth levels of the froth scale, for the climbers Ewoks is more Ewok than Endor and the berms on Gnarvana are so deep you need a cut-lunch to get out of them.

  • 5 easy trails
  • 5 moderate trails
  • 0 difficult trails
  • 4 extreme trails

“We have plenty of good flow style trails at the base of the hills, which are obviously the more accessible trails, but the further you go up into the hills, things start to get super technical.” says Trail Scapes Managing Director Garry Patterson.


Download a print friendly trail map here

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