Latrobe MTB Trail Network

Latrobe MTB Trail Network

The Latrobe part of the Wild Mersey network is designed to be family-friendly. The terrain itself is comparatively mellow, which lends itself to riders happy to cruise but also to those wanting to progress their descending skills on predictable gravity-style trails.

The trails are situated in a stacked loop format, the further away from the trailhead trails are the more technical they become.

  • 13 easy trails
  • 5 moderate trails
  • 0 difficult trails
  • 1 extreme trail

There is the green trail the Railton Express that connects to the Railton end of the Wild Mersey network.

“There were not as many riders in this region at the time. The idea with this initial stage was not to scare everyone and have them go, ‘it’s too hard I’m going home and never coming back.’ The Warrawee Project, in my mind, was a confidence builder and an opportunity for progression,” explains Cardona.


Download Latrobe trail map for printing here


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